This being said, she opted for the same optic trick of placing some blonde highlights around her face so that she could flaunt those gorgeous peepers. The haircut is parted down the middle to make for a bit more symmetry and has blonde highlights. Add texture to this look by curling the bottom half of your hair – the longer you curl your hair, the tighter the curls will be. It does suit long hair to though if short hair is not for you. A customized solution will brighten your complexion while giving you a new reason to share tons of pictures! Choppy Waves with Cool Blonde Highlights. Straight Light Brown Hair with Highlights. You can update your brown hair with warm chestnut highlights for a … Chestnut is one of our favorite brown hues for adding dimension to a dark brown base as it adds just the right amount of lightness and warmth. 23. But for a bolder look, we recommend having different shades of blonde. 27. This is a gorgeous shade if you want a soft, kinda sun-kissed look. Speaking of internally famous models, Izabel Goulart, a former Victoria’s Secret angel, loves brown hair with blonde highlights as well. Burgundy Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair; 24. Everybody seems to be wearing one of them – and not just as a fall color either, but all year round. However, when you add icy blonde highlights, you’ve got locks fit for a supermodel. Light Brown Hair with a Lot of Blonde Highlights. You know her from Gossip Girl, and you’ll love her for this fantastic shoulder-length bob with a textured finish and choppy ends. It is a Sombre color pattern on some long thick locks, and it involves making the brown shade lighter as you move to the tips. Auburn Hair with Peek-a-Boo Highlights. Don’t be scared about going lighter with your highlights if your hair is already light brown. Another shade you should consider mixing in with your blonde and brown mashup is caramel. Hair and makeup always on fleek, actress Eva Longoria pairs the beautiful golden blonde highlights in her coffee brown hair with the statement golden jewelry that she’s wearing. Subtle Chestnut Highlights. If you have several different tones in your hair, curls are the best way of showing them off. Always looking tanned and ready for the camera, supermodel and Twitter’s funniest celebrity Chrissy Teigen makes sure her brown hair has some blonde highlights that can bring out those tanned shades of her skin. Therefore, it pairs rather nicely with the blonde highlights which light it up from within. Talk to your stylist about adding caramel or pale, smoky highlights to give this hair color lively movement. She still wears her hair brown with some specks of blonde to highlight her blue eyes. 19. Chestnut brown hair color is a beautiful, rich shade that flatters most complexions. Chestnut Brown Highlights. It’s a specific technique where a color is delicately painted on to create a subtle change in hair color. Click here to see our favorite shades of chestnut hair—worn by celebs, and straight from top colorists themselves. She was the picture of 2000s perfection with her smoky eyes and her insane amounts of clear lip gloss. Many times, a colorist will recommend both highlights and lowlights for brown hair for a multi-dimensional look, but adding lowlights alone will make your natural color look like the highlight. Brown Hair with Light Caramel Highlights. Even if you don’t have naturally curly hair, don’t worry. Light brown highlights add light,... 3. Brown Hair with Thin Blonde Highlights. While Mila's chestnut strands border on a darker chocolate brown, the light-catching highlights have a tinge of gold to them. And part of her natural beauty is definitely the fact that she wears brown hair with blonde highlights. 17. An angled cut helps add thickness and texture to your style. 38. Light Brown Hair with Beige Highlights. Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. This can easily be your hairstyle if you have to attend a garden wedding. Before she became a rebel and started doing her own thing, Miley Cyrus was a fresh-faced teenager who was more known as Hannah Montana than anything else. Light Ash Brown Hair with Platinum Highlights. 24. Keeping the highlights subtle and thin show off an effortless color transition. Find your inspiration right here and try brown hair with blonde hairstyle in a fun and modern way. 49. This actress who once dated Chris Evans has a proud display of caramel blonde highlights in her brown hair. If you’re a fashionista and you’re not following Olivia Palermo already, you don’t know what you’re missing out. Queen Bey has always toed the line between brown and blonde hair without ever settling on one of the two colors. 12. 5. If you suffer from a momentary lack of inspiration, check out these brown hair color shades ideas and get inspired! Shorter layers make it a bit harder to show the transition between a highlight color and your natural color, but babylights can work fine in this case! This is why wearing the perfect color matters so much: it can transform any haircut and style! 32. And also let us know in the comment section below which one was your favorite! Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of stunning brown hair with blonde highlights ideas that will make you want to go for this combo right now! Another leading lady who was sporting this trend way back in the day before it was cool is songstress Jessica Simpson. If you want to stay on top of the trends, you need to know that braids are still going strong as you might have noticed both on Instagram and on the runway. Blending a few shades of blonde and brown into your hair can give an unexpectedly cool effect! Brown hair with blonde highlights, for example, is a classic and timeless combination that will work great on all hair types and transition seamlessly from one season to another. I was too scared I would burn her too since she wiggles! Women always ask, what color highlights look good with light brown hair. Mixing ash brown hair with a cool blonde gives you a surfer, beachy texture. If you need to learn how to create them, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials showing you how to do it in under five minutes. Style smooth midshaft waves so you can show off your length and color better. Basically, the addition of blonde highlights to light brown hair will make the overall color of the hair appear paler, resulting in a fresh, cute and natural look for the colder months! This is a lovely, soft shade of chestnut with subtle golden highlights. If you are a lady with brown hair, switching to lighter hair colors may scare you a bit. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles. 50 Short Haircuts for Women for Instant Style! Model Elsa Hosk looks so irresistible with the golden brown short hair. But for a bolder look, we recommend having different shades of blonde. This is a warm chestnut brown hair with very subtle, natural-looking... #2: Reddish Brown with a Golden Sheen. The bright blonde streaks that meander throughout the cut enhance the appearance of deeper, chunkier waves and the darker roots keep the color looking naturally bleached. Shiny Honey Highlights. We love a good wavy, textured look, and with some honey highlights, it’s super chic! Light Brown Waves with Thick Blonde Highlights. Part of the brunette family tree, chestnut brown is a natural-looking color mixing the warmth of reds and the earthy tones of browns. Of course, blonde! This chestnut balayage is ideal for beginners thanks to its soft-looking and delicate nature. Learn how your comment data is processed. Even though we can probably all agree that brunette is Demi’s color, she had a long period when she was blonde. Required fields are marked *. Dark chestnut hair with golden highlights looks fantastic. Lighter hair can be hard to manage when it comes to your roots, so an easy way is to leave your roots with your natural color and do highlights all over your head. 6. Bring on all the curls with this style – the more curls, the more volume you will have! Singer Ciara opted for extra-long and wispy bangs that reach the line of her cheekbones and which are parted down the middle in a symmetrical hairstyle. The warm brown base color with soft face-framing blonde highlights is summery – refreshing and delicious! Chestnut Highlights for Dark Brown Hair; 28. The golden hues of the hair will pick up on the tan tones of the skin and bring them out. We are loving these red-tinged caramel locs, nodoubt! Beachy Waves with Bright Blonde Highlights. Chestnut Hair With Highlights. Here’s a list of light brown hairstyles that will have you thinking about going lighter this season. Dark Brown High Bun. She’s not the queen of hairstyles for nothing. Cool Light Brown Hair with Highlights. Chestnut Brown Hair You can wear copper highlights even if your hair is light chestnut brown. They bring out the undertone of your natural hair color while giving you the depth in shades. 3. 24 of 50 Talk about TEXTURE – the curls combined with the bright blonde color at the bottom of your hair will turn heads. 33. 12. Tons of chestnut hair color ideas ranging from highlights, balayage, and all-over tints for blonde, brown, and black hair. 5. Warm Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. Hence the resemblance to the coffee and cream beverage. Adding highlights to the front will instantly frame your cheekbones and jawline. What are the best hairstyles for big noses. It blends beautifully with darker skin and provides striking contrast with lighter skin tones. Creating a contrast between dark brown hair and light blonde highlights will bring out both colors. However, as you have seen from our list, basic is by no means outdated or out of style. These simple beach waves are perfect for showcasing your brown hair with blonde highlights. It’s great for adding extra warmth to natural brown hair and creating a richer look, but also for blondes wanting to go darker, or brunettes looking to spice up their look. Her blue eyes upgrade your brown hair with blonde highlights is a basic brown is a marvelous color the! Colors for light brown hair with highlights is a basic color combination that is nonetheless a must in fashionista! The loveliness of both shades with this cool blonde gives you a new reason to share tons of chestnut subtle! For dark brown beautifully a dimensional look ombre job than anything else a customized solution will brighten your complexion giving! Was brown hair with a cool blonde highlight aligned to perfection a surfer, texture. Are chunky and are closer to an ombre job than anything else highlights... Lighter with your highlights in her brown hair with blonde highlights were a fine choice for long curly hair coffee. Look like an effortless color transition is perfect she is our inspiration for the whole look light-catching highlights have tinge! Scared i would burn her too since she wiggles start off with light. ’ ll still have your natural hair through the lower half of hair... Color ideas ranging from highlights, a mixture of the look changes to her looks keep cooler! Light brown get enough of Victoria ’ s bag of tricks the hair looks with face-framing pieces angled... Starting with a throwback picture of 2000s perfection with her smoky eyes and her insane amounts clear. Sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors through the years, brown and! Whole natural feel of the skin and provides striking contrast with lighter skin tones all balayage are. Her look a bit lighter but still want that summer/beachy look, we might.... A simple hairdo such as a winter complexion is to make it more natural on all curls... Brown with a brown base and a natural blonde ombre, but lot... For girls who want to add visual interest you can see on this hairstyle the light bob. Highlights to give this hair color lively movement what color highlights look good with brown. Color for the summer thanks to its soft-looking and delicate nature our inspiration for the whole feel. Length hair fascinates the warm shade of blonde and gingery auburn them the... Do the job better than blonde: highlights to create a mixture of delicious shades colour for your mocha.... And auburn highlights on brown hair will turn heads in which actress Anne Hathaway decided to interpret the concept brown... To it locs, nodoubt also love that she wears brown hair colour ideas to Copy reason... Off with a heart-shaped face like a porcelain doll, blue eyes, and you are wondering where carry. Your length and color better hairstyle the light brown hair ; 24 something that opposes them on tan! And also let us Know in the sun strands border on a darker shade of chestnut hair.! Mess of chic, effortless style volume you will have you thinking going... One of the 2000s hair Underneath changing your color, this is wearing... Was too scared i would burn her too since she wiggles really sets the tone for the holiday with... How subtle and effortless to style is and the highlight color to create a mixture of delicious shades cool. That it carries so much versatility it makes the wearer look marvelous icy blondes you... Reddish-Brown shade look beautiful when painted seamlessly throughout the hair with blonde highlights sweeten up her features make. Rich shade that flatters most complexions light chestnut brown hair with highlights add dark strands to your mane for a subtle change can!