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We provide B2B solutions increasing our customers’ competitiveness, always taking into consideration end user’s absolute satisfaction.
We are passionate in what we do.
We have a broad network and perspective on the markets.
We create long-term cooperation.
We go beyond than what is expected.

Omnia General Trading Ltd., is a trading company that adapts to customer’s demands.
As simple as that.

Profile Profile


Omnia General Trading is a trading company established during 2010, at the Republic of Malta. Our partners are producers, manufacturers and commercial companies around the world. Over the years, Omnia General Trading has developed into a successful trading partner that operates on 4 continents supplying customer’s specified products for commercial & end consumer use.

We have invested in building strong partnerships with globally esteemed producers and manufacturers. This means that our customers can rely on our services and that the products we deliver do not only meet basic market requirements, but are distinguished at level of quality and safety standards. We operate efficiently and cost effectively offering win-win results.


Key points of success:


  • Network chain
  • Market Know-How
  • Logistics expertise
  • Consulting for customer success
  • Financing capacity
  • Securing Safety, Quality and adaptation to customer needs


The constantly changing global market, demands that companies should make the correct buy & sell decisions. The key to success is a solid partner, providing reliable solutions.
Omnia General Trading Ltd. tops customer’s needs, with reliable market information and down to earth advice with an eye to the future.
Trust your difficulties (product, packaging, pricing, transport, storage & financing) in our hands.

We are your reliable partner to provide you with solutions.


Specific Market Sectors specialized:


  • Food and Beverage
  • Electromechanical equipment
  • Home equipment
  • Other

Mission Mission


At Omnia General Trading Ltd., we incorporate business ethics in our operation. Our vision and values guide us to our goal of offering top services and products. The world is changing and in order to continue thriving as a business, we look ahead, understand and expand the trends and forces that shape our business now and in the future in order to offer the best design in doing business successfully and efficiently. We create long-term collaborations that share the same values as we do and mutually benefit all involved.


Mission and values:


  • Quality services and business safety always comes first
  • To create value and make a difference
  • Connects the world by international trading
  • Customer’s desires and needs
  • Nurture a winning chain of customers and suppliers
  • Being  highly effective
  • Have the courage to change course when necessary providing secure alternatives

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Contact Us


Cornerstone Business Centre, Suite 1, Level 2

16th September Square

Mosta MST 1180, Malta

Email: mail@omniagt.com